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I don[t understand what the fuss is about. Anytime any one of us buys something it has been purchased by the seller for far less. These guys spend a lot of time and money traveling the country looking for this stuff. Then they have to spend time and money to find a buyer. EVERYTHING you buy has been marked up. I don't get it. This is how people make a living. Not to mention that it's these people's CHOICE to sell or not. They probably paid fifty cents for half this crap fifty years go. If it's a good deal to them, they sell, if not they don't. I saw one episode where the guys paid hundreds for a bike the lady found on the side of the road. Where is the moral outrage that this old lady ripped them off? There shouldn't be any. The guys thought it was worth it and bought it. I don't buy iced tea at restaurants because two bucks forit is a rip off to me. That's my choice, though.
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