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Well, I didn't see that particular episode but I have watched a few and did not think anyone was getting screwed. Alot of elderly people leave old stuff rotting away in their garages and don't really care about it and would prefer to get rid of it for quick cash. As for passing it down to their children or grandchildren...well I can tell you there is a good chance they will turn around and sell it for quick cash as well.

I have bought a few antiques on the cheap myself, from young kids on craigslist who don't want grandmas old fashioned furniture. They want shiny brand new crappy made IKEA and they don't bother to find out whether or not something is valuable, they just want the quick cash.

I have a few nice pieces thanks to craislist and young college kids who don't really care...last thing I bought was an 1800's sleigh bed. They knew it was from the 1800's and did not care to find out what they had. I bought it because it was perfect for my guest room and kinda pretty!

I'm not an appraiser but I do have a good eye, and later found out that the bed was a French Imperial worth 3 - 5 K! My Mom sold alot of family heirlooms when we were growing up, and she sold them cheap! It would kill me when she did it, but a single mom with 3 kids trying to make ends meet will do what they have to and take care of their family.

I did not see that particular episode, however alot of people will sell stuff cheap that may be very valuabe and have a variety of reasons for doing so.

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