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I can NOT believe that the HISTORY channel would show such a disgrace to our older generation. TO think for one minute this would somehow be cleared to air is appalling. To brag or somehow boast about an unsolicited visit to Leland's farm and the price paid versus the actual value should be illegal. If this would have been my granddad I would have felt robbed of my family heirloom and treasures. The History Channel should immediately cancel this show!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so looking forward to a new show that was really about hidden treasures in American not thievery we couldn't even finish the show.

These guys are scum bags !!!!! Nice job History Channel way to promote thieves . I would love to meet these guys face to face , and work a deal out with them. If you know what I mean ! And my parents always told me crime doesn't pay, unless you make a show for the History Channel .Way to teach kids its ok to steal from the older generation. History Channel you should make things right pay these people fair price for their stuff, and fire these dirt bags
 Quoting: HISTORY CHANNEL****FOR SHAME** 868648

There is no such thing as "actual value". Value of an item is what a person is willing to pay and can vary wildly. I've seen the pecker men offer much more than the person was willing to sell for in order to be fair to them. They seem to go out of their way to be fair to people, which is more than I would do. On most of what I've seen, they've paid way TOO much. They offered the old hoarding bum $5000 for the 1939 Plymouth coupe and he held out for more! The guy had no money invested in it and it had been rotting in a shed for 30 years. You really need to chill out. Some of the old hoarding geezers could use the money and are getting much more than what their junk is worth and the items are finding a better home where they will get more respect than buried in bushes in the rain or buried in the ground.
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