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Poster Handle Matt5
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You all miss the point of, they say "this is our company we buy this stuff"

Anyone with half a brain KNOWS they are going to make money off what they buy. A compnays purpose is to MAKE MONEY.

Some guys sell nothing, others are happy to be rid of crap.

No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head, and bottom line I doubt most of these people care to go though the effort to value stuff, sell it, etc.

Shit like it's been said on pawn stars people are told by a expert... It's worth 10-20k... and the people are happy to sell for 5k. How are they being ripped off or stupid, no store, auctions cost money. It's a win win.

Hey when you buy food, the stores making money on you, and the producer, and the truckers, and the oil companies, gas stations… your getting f’ed by 10 different companies... maybe you should stop eating =)
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