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Poster Handle Brooke
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I just read some of the threads here and I'm appalled! All the cussing and extra puctuation marks make you look like an ignorant degenerate. Obviously most of you have no idea how a business is run. They have overhead costs. For example their building, maintenance, upkeep, utilities, and taxes for that building. Also as business owner you have advertising, insurance, and accounting that all needs to be paid for. They also have to pay their assistant, etc. They are not ripping anyone off!! They are finding items that people like myself would love to have. If they hadn't found those items they would have sat in a barn/garage/feild until they had completely rotted away. And with that the owner makes ZERO and us collectors miss out on a great item! They really are doing a great service. Come on, how many times would you have a couple of guys knock on your door and offer to give you cash for junk you have just laying around anyways? Not very often! And most of the time elderly people are HAPPY just to tell their stories. Really people, if you don't know what you're talking about, then just keep your mouth SHUT!
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