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I'm an Auctioneer and the saying goes "It's only worth what someones willing to pay at the time of sale"

To all the bashers on this thread...here is a novel idea,
If you think they are "buying Low & selling High"...why not "put up or shut up"....get into this biz, and "go picking" and pay the "sheeple" what you think is a "Fair" price....

If not, STFU and get of the "Pickers" backs!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1543903

Yes, this.
I am a picker. Sometimes we don't even know what an item will bring. It's really a guessing game at best. Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. If you think about our overhead to get these items, and to sell them, our profit does not seems so good. Grandpa with the old rusty motor bike could never find a retail buyer for that item, so he is selling wholesale to a picker who has spent years to locate those collectors willing to make the purchase. Business is business, and this one is fair.
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