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I have dealt in Antiques for many years. I often give people more than what they want for an item. For example, I once had a chance to buy a set of Sterling flatware for $3. Yep, that's right, three dollars! I told the lady that it was Sterling, and I told her it was worth much more than she was asking, and I offered her $400 for it. I told her she could take it to a shop and maybe get more, but she still sold it to me anyways for my offer of $400. She was getting a fair deal too, as this was when Silver was about $8 an ounce. She was so grateful!

If I see that the person is not monetarily advantaged, I will sometimes pay full value for an item, knowing I won't make any profit, but the satisfaction I get when I do something like that feels good, knowing that I am really helping someone else out.

It all balances out, as there may be a time in the near future that I will buy a box lot at an auction for a few bucks, and there will be a $1,000 treasure in it. It happens quite a bit. I like to think that it is a reward for being fair to others when they need it.
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