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Its called free will.The people that sell to the american pickers and pawn stars have a choice to say no, also they have a choice to not seek them out to sell things to them.Its like expecting a retail store to sell you new goods at wholesale prices, business would not exsist if they did not make money to pay their bills.If you watched the show you would see that most of the people that they buy from invite them for that reason,to buy their stuff.Is everone that buys something from a garage sale or flea market a crook to.if these customers wanted to get full market value for their goods they could market it on a number of auction sites that anyone can use and mail it to the seller.Time is money these guys spend allot of money being on the road and time marketing and distributing the goods they buy.I would hardly consider that theft in any way,and if you dont like the show you dont have to watch it.
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