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Get a grip! What do you care what they do. You out to save the world are ya? Laughing my ass off.
So they are still items for inheritance?
Is that your moral argument? If the person does not want these guys on their property then they are asked to leave. These guys pay for hotels, gas, food on the road. To me, they are providing people with an additional income.
Something someone on a fixed income might need. Most of the stuff is nothing but rusting junk to the owners.
If these two men have educated themselves with all the knowledge they have, they should be rewarded for that knowledge. It is not stealing, it is free enterprise. Maybe they double their money or triple it.Who the fuck cares??
But OP, have you ever lived the life going from hotel to hotel town to town. Or dig thru a bunch of junk to get one or two pieces actually worth while items.
Driving all day. Then working in hot dirty and miserable conditions. I say they earn their money.

If the old guy sells something he probably had no use for it. Or even if he didn't know what it might be worth. He still had some money in his pocket that he didn't when the day started. If these were prized heirlooms, these people would hold on to them ! If they dont maybe is nice just to have someone visit. Sure MIke and Frank, take this shit out of my attic. Havent seen that since the 70's. LOl everyone makes money. These two are pretty nice guys.
In their defense, I have seen them in one episode, get a lot more for some circus posters than they ever knew they were worth. A guy was trying to reopen his theme park and really needed money. they drove to New York sold the posters and then drove back to the guys park and handed over 5K large. That just doesnt seem all that greedy to me. Try bitching about oil, health care , over all cost of living and then you have my empathy. Until then, you have no argument.
I like the actual "HISTORY" of the show. I have learned a lot from these two and the people that they deal with in the show. It is good wholesome entertainment. A nice change from Shitty sitcoms , Reality (fakes) Shows or the blood and gore from all the cops shows. So, get a life. Sell some old shit and get hooked on treasure hunting. I like good entertaining shows. Not all the other bullshit. think I will see if an episode is on tonight! BURP!
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