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Why are y'all so mad? Thugs, moral decay???? My grandma used to buy and sell antiques. The people they buy from are also making money and a lot of them are cashing in on what would be junk to Americas youth. Why are you mad, did they buy your inheritance? Ha. They run a business people. Incase you haven't looked Around in your city or the yellow pages There are antique stores everywhere. Where do they get antiques? Same way. Why would they pay top dollar? They are dealers. Not thieves not thugs if anything they are helping preserve history. Not everyone appreciates antiques. A lot of this stuff would eventually get sold or junked any way. Be glade they are showing other generations the value of antiques. People have been buying and selling antiques for a long time and will continue to. Pawn shops and antiques are no new business. Get real people. Have you never bought anything for cheaper than what it's real value is? The people they buy from know they are dealers. A dealer doesn't make money paying suggested retail price, IT'S BUSINESS. Obviously you don't know what thugs are. Go to the inner-city before you start name calling, I have never seen them rob or steal from anyone. Money talks. Thugs deal drugs, smoke drugs, rob, steal and kill. They don't rummage through barns and deal antiques.
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