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I support the show, I actually found this googling for thier website because I have some neat shit to unload from cleaning out a garage.

This country is built on buying or building cheap and selling high. If you ho's knew what the ps3 or new flat screen you have cost to build vs what you paid, you'd kill yourself.

How about that american made automobile? 10 - 20,000$ profit each.

Don't be mad because you slave minimum wage at your dead end job, and aren't smart enough or creative enough to do what they are doing.

History channel is winning hard with thier new programs over the last 5 years. Nobody wants to watch shit about the evolution of cotton and all the wars america didn't win are tired and played out, nobody cares anymore.

Keep up the good work history, some welfare moms, and house husbands just like to complain to complain.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4545177

The History Channel and other niche channels have no integrity. Mr. Marshall sums up the integrity issue quite well.


"Here is the problem: if a project, enterprise, or mission has to turn into something else entirely to achieve what its management considers success, then it has already failed. If the original objective was worth pursuing, then integrity and honesty requires that either new leadership dedicated to the core mission be recruited, or the project should end."

.... "Having the Cartoon Channel run by people who don’t like cartoons, or the Soap Opera Channel run by people who think soap operas are stupid, or the History Channel operated by suits who think history is boring, is unfair to the vision, the mission, and the audience of those channels."

"Yet the Sci Fi Channel was placed in the hands of executives who looked upon science fiction and its fans as obstacles to profitability. As a result, even if their business model “succeeds”, the mission of having a science fiction cable channel will have failed.

The absence of integrity is fatal."

~ Jack Marshall

[link to ethicsalarms.com]
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