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Poster Handle Free Market Economy!!
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If someone is out there to buy it, and someone wants to sell it: it's nobody's business to step in and dictate the rules.

Anyone that thinks they are preying on the elderly...Cmon!!

The shit in these people's backyards and ransacked storage facilities has been gathering dust and dirt for decades! Where were the kids for 50 years while daddy or grandpa accumulated all this crap? They were telling their friends that daddy/grandpa is a hoarder and didn't want anything to do with the crap accumulating in the house/yard/storage buildings. All of the sudden someone shows up that knows what daddy/grandpa's crap is worth and makes them an offer: the person making the offer is doing something wrong??

If someone has the balls to stop someone on the street and ask them if their car is for sale or knock on their door to browse their yard and make an offer on something, and the potential seller agrees to sell: what the fuck is wrong with that??

The problem in the country is no one has any balls anymore. They want somebody to take care of them, fight for them, save money for their retirement for them..
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