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Here is the OP's problem...He/She is a Picker and is pissed off at all the attention this show has brought to the Biz...Before this show and others(Storage Wars) stuff was even cheaper, alot Cheaper....It was a "Insider Secret"
Now you've got these shows and BAM! more folks are getting into these types of business and making it harder for the "Old Timers" to get the "Deals" they were used to.

FWIW, I'm an Auctioneer and my crowds have tripled due to "Storage Wars"...Good for me and the seller(s) but not for the buyers

BTW, Storage Wars and the others like it are all "Set Up" for the camera....THERE IS NO! GOLD IN THEM LOCKERS!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5744154

I'll even go further and give you an example:

Washer & Dryer...Most folks have them right...

Before these shows came out/on...It wasn't uncommon to see a "Maytag" W&D in like new condition to sell for 60 dollars for the pair....sold a set yesterday at auction for 200 dollars...and the Junkers we used to not be able to give away brought 30 dollars(I chalk this up to the increase in scrap metal prices)
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