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I have similar opinions about the disgusting industry of the self-storage companies--and NOW watching this disgrace and calling it "entertainment?" How many of you REALLY know the comings and goings of those storage places? If you knew...as I know from an absolutely insane experience working as a site manager for 3 months...you would not only make a comment on this thread...you would call your congressman! I was "lucky" enough to get the manager's job at the 600-unit self-store company in 2008(owned by a millionare who used it as both a fence and a tax-write-off) when the previous manager had a nervous breakdown and jumped off a bridge. (That should have been a red flag....sadly I did not know better being a naive Christian woman). There are theft rings going on in these places which cut off the locks and set up little "unregistered" units (or boggus names as the owners) when in fact they are like little "king Tut Tombs of treasures" which end up auctioned off by the dishonest owners and managers....sometimes they never do auction the stuff they just keep it and spread it among friends, etc! Seriously! The really good stuff RARELY gets into the hands of the people who show up for the auctioned--it is ALWAYS picked over BEFORE the pickers even get in there! (I saw this myself and found my co-manager had "gone to the dark side" to assist in this LEGAL THEFT!) I wish they would produce an under-cover TV show which shows various dishonest assholes like the guy I worked for getting caught in their "capitalist" scam. I hate these sick programs and I hope someday there is a true investigation FOR THE SAKE of MANY families ALREADY SUFFERING WHO LOSE THEIR LIFE'S POSSESSIONS! SHAME on History Channel! (Yes...I did alert the local police--yeah...they really listened.)
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