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VVhile they do barter and come to an agreement vvith the seller, both Frank and Mike, definitely come across as very cheap!!!! and seem to rip some people off.. particular those vvho seem to get lovv balled, tend to be the elderly..

Yes, if the seller didn't vvant it, he or she vvouldn't sell it. doesn't mean they understand vvhats at stake.. Just b/c its a pile of junk in someone's backyard vvhere it vvill just sit and collect dirt and rust, doesn't mean they should get ripped off.

One guy on the season premiere last night vvas giving them deal after deal, vvith excellent prices.. VVhom Mike and Frank both acknovvledge the great prices. So, the elderly seller an antinque dealer himself, vvanted $1tvventy5 (Sorry my number tvvo key is busted).. Frank offfered $60 .. then Frank said he'll pay $onetvventyfive if he included an antique toy car saying the car is only vvorth $50 but at the end, said he'll sell it for $100 ..

it is these scenarios as to vvhy they come across as ripping people off.. yes they have to make money, yes its a business, but they do seem to take advantage of older people consitently lovv balling them.. Rick from the Pavvn Stars even said they lovv ball you.. Again, people have to understand just b/c the seller agrees to a lovv price, and that its junk in the backyard, doesn't mean its right, ethical or fair to lovv ball them..

and obviously there is a reason vvhy so many people are seemingly discussing Frank and Mike as being cheap and unfair on the internet.. as opposed to other similar shovvs.. they might be successful novv but once vvord continues to get out that they consistently lovv ball you, it vvill hurt their business in the long run.. vvhether or not if its true, it vvill still hurt them in the long run.. as someone vvho is indifferent, but avvare of the value of some of these pieces, I believe they definitely do NOT give most sellers a fair deal as opposed to the guys at Pavvn Stars vvho do !!
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