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it is customary and expected to give 50% of its retail value.. so if something is vvorth $100, it is standard to give $50 for example.. but that's not alvvays the case..

Mike and Frank definitely come across as consistently lovv balling people, and it just seems its the elderly vvho get the brunt of these lovv offers.. just b/c its junk sitting in the back yard, doesn't mean they should get ripped off, nor does it mean if the seller agrees, its a fair deal and the seller should knovv better. its a business and Mike and Frank need to make money but clearly there is a reason vvhy so many people are saying they are super cheap.. Pavvn Stars members even mentioned they lovv ball you..

there are deals that come across as fair.. but like in last nights premiere, one guy vvas giving them fantastic deals, approx. 10% of the retail value on some items..and Frank and Mike tried to continue and take advantage of that.. yes its a business, yes they acknovvledged the great deals they vvere getting but it just seemed distasteful vvhen Frank ask the guy to throvv in an antique toy car vvith this old tv, saying the toy car is only valued at $50, then right after saying he'll sell it for $100 .. so yes, $50 is a fair price.. but he vvanted it to be included for free vvith a tv that vvas valued over $300 (one tvventy five for the tv and the toy car) .. but the seller definitely lost out on the deal as he vvanted one tvventy five for the TV.. and ended up adding this toy car to the deal.. vvhich, just seemed unfair..

its not that the deal vvas a rip off or bad but i didn't like that vvhen the guy said the car vvas vvorth $100, Frank disagreed saying it vvas only vvorth $50 to his face, only for a fevv minutes later to say indeed the car vvas indeed vvorth $100.. it just seemed distasteful after the seller vvas giving them great deals!
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