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I've been buying and selling on eBay for more than a decade, and now that I know the value of my specialties, I sell on etsy for a fixed price. Believe me, I am a fan of buying low and selling high, but when I finally watched my first episode of American Pickers last night, I was appalled. Those guys took complete advantage of people, lowballing them shamefully, pressuring them to take the price, and rubbing their hands in glee when they successfully hoodwinked someone out of an incredibly rare item. At least on eBay, an item sells at auction in a fair bidding process. Further enraging me were the graphics on the screen when the pickers estimated what they would sell the item for. Those profit numbers were clearly lowballed so that the pickers wouldn't look like the thieves they are.
I've always hated the venal dealers I occasionally run into a rummage sales and such, always trying to score a huge bargain at someone else's expense. And that's exactly what these pickers are - venal.
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