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op, you sound like obama the communist. all participants were happy. leland got some cash, the pickers MIGHT make a profit.

there is risk in making money and last time i checked we're still a capitalist society (not for long i suspect).

This goes WAY beyond just making money. It represents something FAR worse...the moral decay of the people and the fall of America!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 868942

many times they would ask leland what he would take for an item, and they agreed right then and there. noone forced any of the people to sell. if they thought they might be getting screwed they could have said "thanks, but no thanks, i'll keep my old shit and let it rot here for eternity".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 508527

Finally some intelligence, these guys are like a pawn shop on wheels. A big van actually which driving across country is not cheap. If someone doesn't like the price they say no, end of story. These guys steal nothing, they buy it from a seller with the sellers approval and permission.

If you want to collect a pile of shit and not research what anything is worth, you probably get what you deserve.
If you don't want to take 50% of what its worth, don't sell to pawn shops and solicitors in vans. Ebay is there if you want retail price you're going to have to put the work in yourself. as these guys put in the work to determine value, haul the goods across country and pay the bill to sell them in a nice retail shop.

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