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It's a business, businesses make money.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7227327


Where do these idiotic, socialistic man-children who expect everything dished up on a silver platter "Just for being you!" come from?

OMgosh they double their money on everything they buy?!?! those evil doing con men!
Actually they don't. Have you looked at the price of fuel lately?
What about the cost of operating a business? Employees? Law suits from the dummies in this thread?

Not talking to/about you AC I quoted. S/he gets it.
Just don't understand where all these people get this idea that life should always be fair because they are special?

Are they the same people who become discouraged looking for work and ask uncle sam for a weekly check "just for being you".
You do realize you can help yourself, right? That you don't need to be hired to survive? That you too can do what humans have been doing for thousands of years to survive, that anyone can do just by trying? Not too far from how your villains Mike and Frank make their own money?
Times get tough the tough get going?

Or is it;
"Times get tough, occupy a tent and blame anyone still making money."? protest

Here is an idea, pick up a hammer, build something, and sell it. Or underpay for something at a yard sale and double your money by doing research and finding a buyer. Or use that thing between you're eyes to invent something. Sure most everything has already been invented, but many of them were invented during a good economy. Lets take... total gym for example, find a way to get similar results from cheaper material. Call it the "$20 Moob Melter"
People are looking for cheaper alternatives to near everything. What do you enjoy doing?

Sorry I am mixing together different subjects and possibly derailing. But its a broader trend, everyone can see it.
We are not our grandfathers, it shows.
It is time to revert back to what works, we've lost something along the way. You can get it back, if you think you can't do something, you've never tried. It is in your DNA to create, invent, survive, build.
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