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This thread boggles my mind. How is it different from anything? If an elderly couple hires me to cut their lawn, lets say I charge them 20 bucks. Pretty common. The couple could do all the work, and spend only $3 in fuel for the same results. But they pay 20 so they do not have to do the work, even though it is much cheaper to do themselves.

Using this same scenario, lets look at how much I've really profited.

So we got the $3 mower fuel, I probably bought my own mower, and a portion of each job will cover a portion of that investment, lets add another $3. I probably need a vehicle and possibly a trailer to haul the equipment to their lawn, And that vehicle needs fuel also to haul the equipment. (probably have to charge more then $20 by this point) for the sake of the scenario lets add just another $3 each for the truck, trailer and more fuel.
Now assume it takes me an hour to get the job done, add in transit time from one place to the next.
I hope I don't need to hire any help because now I'm making less then minimum wage for myself. And that is BEFORE TAXES.

By your logic, I am robbing granddad by getting 6x what he could do it for. It is about the exchange of time and energy, and the cost of doing business.
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