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(at least Pawn Stars brings in experts for a price, IN FRONT of the sellers)
 Quoting: dragontrouble9
This is something I read more often and (no offense) laughable. Its not that Pawn Stars come up with experts for the customer. Its because that fatty is scared to buy something which is worth nothing or less. Thats how it is, lets face it. He's that cheap. He does not care about that customer at all and have you ever heard him giggling ?

I would not be suprised either if he has a verbal agreement with these experts too, to lower the price a bit. I think its worth more than what these experts are saying.

When the price is decided he still has the guts to make an offer for far less. 25% auction fee's and more crap. The American Pickers does not make nearly as much profit on items as these fat hamburger eating guys of Pawn Stars.
 Quoting: Rataplan 7483041

please cite how something can be worth less than nothing?

"He's that cheap"....how about you open your own pawn shop and give people retail for their used stuff and then sell it for a profit....please do, and let's see how long you stay in biz.

"25% auction commission"....25's low, try 28-30%, that's what I charge....do you even have a clue what it takes to "set up " an auction....please "spell it out" for me

I'll say it again "things are only worth what someone will pay for it at that moment....go to a coin dealer or pawn shop and demand to buy an ounce of gold for "spot" and see just how loud they laugh at you.
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