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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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please cite how something can be worth less than nothing?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7788628
I will tell you. I have an old oven here, I think I have to pay money so somebody can pick it up to bring it to "the dump" (or whatever you call this in english). So its worth less than nothing. I have to pay to get rid of it !@ Got it ?

"He's that cheap"....how about you open your own pawn shop and give people retail for their used stuff and then sell it for a profit....please do, and let's see how long you stay in biz.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7788628
Please dont put words in my mouth. Or you might have misunderstood me. Of course you cant buy stuff for retail prices. I never ever said that. Please quote me where I did say that. Its another thing to buy a golden coin from the 17th century for $11.000 while the retail price was almost $20.000 according to the expert. Good for them, the customor is an idiot but I'm allowed to call them out. And lets face it, there are some liabilities who really need the money and should be protected against themselves. I really dislike the attitude of Rick. He always asks what the customers wants, than he always shakes his head and laughs and lalalalalaa whatever, and than he makes a ridiculous counteroffer and unfortunately the customer believes his act. Rick Harrisson is a caricature of himself

"25% auction commission"....25's low, try 28-30%, that's what I charge....do you even have a clue what it takes to "set up " an auction....please "spell it out" for me

I'll say it again "things are only worth what someone will pay for it at that moment....go to a coin dealer or pawn shop and demand to buy an ounce of gold for "spot" and see just how loud they laugh at you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7788628

I think you completely miss the point, at least how I feel. I have an own shop (not pawn shop), I want to make money and when possible as much as possible. If I can get something for as less as possible, I take it. I do not offend my customers with a cheap/ridiculous offer though and certainly do not act like that fat bastard from Pawn Shop.

How often have we seen his act ? "Oh this thing is hardly any popular anymore bla bla bla". Than the guy believes him, sells it for a cheap offer (here in Holland we call it jewish prices) and than afterwards that hamburger is telling us what a great deal he has made and how quick he can sell that item Vegas !@ Yeah fair business...
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