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Poster Handle JerZGirl
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Recently, I'm TOTALLY disgusted with American Pickers. I did like it at first, but I'm sick of seeing two obviously gay men (though they try to hide it with a chavonistic attitude), verbally abusing Danielle/females (and finding it hilarious), taking advantage of people that don't know the true worth of what they have (at least Pawn Stars brings in experts for a price, IN FRONT of the sellers) and giggling like little girls (disgusting) the whole time!!! These men are TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!! History Channel has sank to new lows in the last 3 years!! There's NOTHING concerning this show that has to do with history!!! It should be called "American Thieves"!!!
 Quoting: dragontrouble9

Are you that afraid of even seeing a gay man that you imagine them where they're not? These guys aren't gay!!! They're good friends - one has been living with his girlfriend for over 10 years and the other dates regularly. Maybe if you'd go online and check things before putting your foot in your mouth, you'd know a thing or two. The world is full of all kinds of people and, believe me, your kind is one I try to avoid.
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