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I met frank at a toy show in st Charles Illinois in october of this yr and let me tell you he is so full of himself. First he walks in acting like he knows and is better then all the other collectors in the room. Second I had my small young boys with me we are or should I say were true fans of there show. So my kids walk up to him and ask for a picture he turns to them and says no thanks if I take a pic with you I have to do it for everyone else. Can you believe the nerve of this fat homosexual midget to act as if he is some sort of superstar . I can't believe what balls this guy has it goes to show what money and a little fame does to people. Listen I loved the show thought it was great something on t.v. That doesn't promote sex and violence it was his personality that turned me away from the show. Thanks for reading a fan that turned because of franks big head.
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