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lapis lazuli -- i freaking ADORE you! your responses to pathetic bitching and griping -- perfection. i love both american pickers & pawn stars. i would much rather see these items get restored to their original beauty & have people buy them that will respect them/showcase them/preserve them then have them rot away never to be found again. people seem to forget, it's a business - they need to make some money & every purchase is a risk. they have rent, gas, employee paychecks, food, etc ... i guess people don't think about things like that before they open their mouths. oh & by the way, do you see any frowns on the faces of the elderly agreeing to the purchases? no! having people come appreciate and pay them for the trinkets that they have cherished for so long probably means the world to them - i would assume well because people adoring my items means the world to me & i haven't owned them nearly as long as the people on the show.

positivity > negativity <3

p.s. soooo totally excited for pawn stars - night shift to start \o/
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