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LOL! Some of you people are really quite hilarious.

Apparently people roaming the countryside offering cash for other peoples belongings that are rotting away in the back yard is now a symbol of the downfall of Western civilization! LOL!

As for the other show on the history channel called "pawn stars" I like that one too. I find it very interesting when people bring in and what's worth a lot of money and what's worth almost no money. Plus you sometimes get a little mini history lesson in there.

Geez! You people will find just about anything to cry about and rally around and pronounce how it's the most evil thing in the history of the universe
 Quoting: lapis lazuli 847343

Well said, the programme is great! Are they robbing people?
Get real folks!!!!! That stuff would just sit there rotting but if they
Sell it for a price they are HAPPY with, they can spend the money
On something useful! If you don't like the programme, simple, don't
Watch it!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9042777

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