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OMG, I am absolutely floored. Everyone of you people who are on here are yelling about general commerce? Are you for real? Plus on top of all things your on a website called God like productions and your all cursing, yelling and being just absolutely moronic..and for what reason? Because you idiots forget that we are a nation that was built on commerce. The deal is only as good as the people involved think that it is. If dudly doright thinks that 450 is a good price for something and they guys end up getting a good payday out of it then so be it. The people they bought it from would have not had a penny if the guys had not purchased it. So something is better than nothing. Half the time there climbing over and under rotten wood, floors, through tunnels and into rooms and barns that no one had been in for years, sometimes decades.

The next time you go to a baseball game and pay 7 bucks for your hot dog and another 9 dollars for your beer..... think about all the 8 pack of dogs that are at the store for 1.25 for the WHOLE PACK OF 8. Value is and always will be in the eye of the seller and until the United States decides that everything is going to be free or were gonna start horse trading again just because you dont wanna hurt someones fealings over a rusted piece of equipment that is really worth 100 bucks more than they paid for it. Heck for that matter I got ALOT of stuff Id like for you to buy... at FULL PRICE ,feel free to hit me up.
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