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Poster Handle Ostrich syndrome
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How many of you that are bad mouthing these guys understand the concept here? How many of you really believe these "poor old people" would have even sold those things?? Do you REALLY believe Leland was going out to dig those things out of the barn to have a few more bucks in his pocket??? Oh!! Think he may be on our WONDERFUL SS system and getting $ 300-400 in income a month?
I think, compared to Pawn Stars, they are honest and fair. They have even increased the offers at times to the surprise of the sellers! Have you noticed them pulling out 1/3 of and old bike in the dirt?? And the old timer was going to do what with it rather than,"being robbed".
Why don't you losers get a hobby for cripes sake!
If their families think it was such a bad deal(or Elder Services) something would have been done.
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