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I think you people are wrong. American Pickers run a business, they pay people a fair price so that they can still make money off the things they buy and transport. They can't pay retail price on these items. They pay about half what they can make on the item.

Then, there are people out there who don't know what to do with stuff they've inherited and it will most likely go to auction fetching only a dollar for items that the pickers are paying $75 for.

If you actually watch the show, you'll see that when someone says you can buy that for 10 bucks, Mike will say, well actually it's worth more than that, I'll be honest with you. And then will give them a fair price.

You guys are acting pretty violent for posting on a "godlike" page. I'm not much of a religious person, but I have morals and ethics. And saying things like 'I'd like work out a deal with them, i.e. to beat up the american pickers guys for robbing old people' is a pretty immoral thing to say. When in fact they're giving these "old people" some money to buy meds or other old people things.

Think before you go ranting. There are much worse things in the world that deserve your attention. Like world hunger or terrorists.
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