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Wow, I went on the American Pickers site to check out cool stuff & I find this comment site. I have been watching both American Pickers & Pawn Stars for a couple years now. I have a MS in Art Ed. & if I had a 2nd career choice, it would have been as a History teacher. I find Mike & Frank very respectful to all the people they visit & purchase from. They even gave 5,000 back to that carnival guy, when they sold that huge circus banner for 10,000 dollars. As far as you people using the F - word to express yourself, shame on you. Yes freedom of speech is what sets us a side in America but express yourself with dignity. It's a business & if people want to sell they will & if they feel that the boys are low, they won't. But you all must agree, isn't it better to reuse the rust & forgotten, then to leave to decay and pollute!
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