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Just met a guy who knows these 2 fools and has confirmed they are nothing but scheisters. And you know what, they don't sell any of that stuff, notice it is all sitting on the shelves in the background of their warehouse. History Channel is footing the bill for everything, even their un-American Mercedes van. Yet, they still rob people. They are a couple of phonies. Notice when they "free-style" they will walk into a house and a camera man is already in there filming them walk in. Could it be anymore deceiving? They are both complete morons who have no skill, no mechanical ability and they couldn't be any more fake. My husband has "picked" for years. These buffoons come along and make a tv show out of it. Wonderful. Stay out of Pennsylvania you jerks and stop ripping off old ladies whose husband's just passed away. Those unfortunate people could have an auction and get 85 times more than what those fools are offering. And if I hear the statement...."that is what we call breaking the ice" one more time, I'm gonna lose it. Mike is such a jerk who has no personality, a crooked nose (probably b/c someone punched him for being such an a$$)and lives for scamming people. If they ever showed up on my property, I would tell them to go directly to he11. Why can't the History channel show out-takes of people running them off their property? Oh wait, b/c it's probably all set up anyway. Liars. I can't even believe I watch the show b/c all I do is scream at the tv. I've seen them walk right by valuable stuff and they have no idea. They are 2 clueless weasels and that is what the show should be called. Who is the heck is even gonna buy anything from them knowing how little they spent on it? Oh, and Mike got negative feedback on ebay b/c he is an inconsiderate snake in the grass. So to he11 with these jokers, it is time they go away now, we've had enough.
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