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Am. pickers deliver lots of history info. I am betting young people do not know what half of the things they find are. Most of those people know exactly what their junk is worth and what they ae willing to sell it for. Those of you who think Mike and Frank are "looking down on(sellers)..." well you all are the ones looking down and thinking these sellers do not know what their stuff is worth or what price seems fair to them. Many times Mike and Frank pay more than asked because they know an item is worth more and the seller is unaware of it's true value. Just because people are old. doesn't mean they are stuped. Nostalgia is important to some people and when they get older and are facing an end to their years of collecting, they want thier stuff to go to people who know what it is...not to kids and grandkids who have no reguard for thier lifetime of collecting and will simply dig a hole with a dozer and bury all that "old crap" to make the property visually attractive for the new buyer.
Those of us who were raised in rural America recognize and understand the things people collect and feel an affinity for.
Some of those old people are glad to sell stuff even at a lower than retail price just to have someone appreciate thier collecting efforts and some seem genuinely hungry just to visit with Mike and Frank....wonder how many of them have not seen the kids for ages because when the kids visit it always end up in a disagreement about what should be done with"the collection".
Love pickers! My dad would have lover to explain and discuss some of the oddities he had kept over the years.
Keep bringing those of us who like it more episodes of Pickers and those who do not like it can watch a different channel.
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