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Poster Handle I Hate History Channel Too
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I know the show is really phoney, but being a "picker" takes a lot of experience, lots of contacts, knowledge, skill and intuition. The old sign that is worth 5000 and was sold to them for 2000, the original owner in a way DID sell it for 5000 and the "picker" takes a cut for the use of his skills and time. The original owners don't have his skills, they can't sell it for 5000. If they put in a lot of time researching they probably could sell it for 5000, but that is a lot of time of stress and doing things they have never done before and might not be comfortable with. It's the way it works. It's just like how you can represent yourself in court to save the considerable lawyer fees, but you'd be crazy to do it. The picker represents a lifetime of experience. He's a bit of a tosser and I hate his face, but it's true. These people and their farms full of collectable trash simply can't do what the picker does.
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