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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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These two covetous chosen people of G-d are walking stereotypes.

Wandering chosen people of G-d, moving about the countryside targeting the most vulnerable elderly goy, walking uninvited onto their property,
using guile and deceit to manipulate the elderly into selling them valuables at pennies on the dollar,

when the senile senior citizens resist, the short fat DEFENDER OF ISRAEL becomes aggressive with the old person and starts shouting at them that they wont "cooperate" with him (defrauding them, and DEFENDER OF ISRAELing them out of their possessions).

I really hate these two chosen people of G-d and the one benefit of this show is it presents a daily example of what chosen people of G-d will do when given the chance to DEFENDER OF ISRAEL others. Its not by some random chance that "to DEFENDER OF ISRAEL" is a longstanding euphemism for ripping off the vulnerable or defenceless.

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