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I don't understand what these unhappy people are talking about. The people on American Pickers are honorable and really don't cheat anybody. The don't steal anything. Every transaction is agreed upon by both parties. What's the difference between them and a car dealer? A car dealer will usually only offer an amount close to the wholesale value for a traded in car. Retail the seller may get an amount much greater. This is the business. No one has to agree to sell if the price does not meet their satisfaction. "COWARD" you sound as if you have made bad deals in the past. You have to do your homework. these people are business men and are doing nothing more than making a living. What is morally wrong is when so called Christian people try to defame others because they disagree with others practices. They always try to justify their actions by casting the first stone. If your slate is clean then you can throw stones if it is not then leave them alone. I for one really enjoy this programing.
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