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You guys are dumb who think that the American Pickers are ripping people off. Have you seen some of these places? I mean come on!

All that stuff is just laying there in barns and warehouses just rotting and if they hadn't come along then they would not be seing any $$$ from it whatsoever. Most of the places they visit have been pre established with the owners that it is ok to come and look and bargain.

Besides, a lot of the places they go to have contacted them so stop being so mean!
 Quoting: stormyc1 1464889

LOL. People like this fool don't know what they're talking about. They are IGNORANT for not thinking they don't rip people off. They buy stuff very cheap off of ignorant people and sell the stuff they picked for high prices. There is something wrong with this fool's brain and I hope they go to a brain surgeon to have it fixed. Bye-bye!
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