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Its all about the money, as more and more "reality" shows are. Money Money Money Money. I bought low and sold high. I get it, but as a collector and enthusiast of nostalgia, Its not, nor ever has been about the money for me. I am sorry it has degraded to that.

Also, taken at face value, I see a huge difference between pawnstars and pickers. Pawn star customers bring the item in, are given a fair (or somewhat fair)estimate of its value and sell or not. Pickers invade a persons home, and almost always have to undercut them, when they would even usually make money at the asking price. Boy I wish I could buy some of that stuff at the prices they get it for.

Also, why would you go somewhere and buy for example one sign in a room of signs, when they all could be sold for a profit? Its allot of BS if you ask me. Taking advantage of old people for the money. They say they "collect" this or that, but they dont, they just flip things.

Sorry for the rant.
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