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[link to www.americanpickersfake.com]

Frank was an obvious addition to the show however, as he had an interest in antiques and in his spare-time bought and sold them. Mike and Frank have known each other for so long that their natural rapport made for good television and created the basis for the concept that two guys travelling the Mid-West could make a real living knocking on the doors of good old-fashioned American folk.

The addition of Danielle was less obvious mind you. From female roller-derby star to burlesque performer and fashion designer, Danielle Colby-Cushman, a Jehovah's Witness and mother of three, knew nothing of antiques, with the sole exception being her decade-long friendship with Mike Wolfe.

Once the show had been given the green-light for cable TV, Mike Wolfe quickly gave her an acting gig and now plays the role of "office manager" at Antique Archaeology.

Sadly, one has to assume that her inclusion is to sell sex, unfortunately she isn't sexy and no matter how hard the show tries or pretends, no one is buying Danielle's "junk".

...Con't @ [link to www.americanpickersfake.com]
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