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What a bunch of gullable morons. That is just what America is full of these days, it's a shame. Those idiots have a net worth of over 3 million dollars each or more yet they want to argue a poor feeble old man over $5.00, give me a break. They can make their money, everyone is entitled to that but when we are all well aware that they make tons of money from their show, what is the point in them even picking anymore and ripping these people off? they should just give these poor souls what they are asking for this stuff b/c THEY DONT NEED THE MONEY. Dont you jokers see that they buy most of that stuff for themselves? The stuff in their store is "inspired by" the show. It's all fake. I guess all you people think it is real. I love how they act as though they stumbled upon some junky house and yet when they knock on the door, the camera man is already inside. Anyway, yeah, they should be shot. They remind me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon, the one when those 2 guys are marrooned on an island and they are so hungry that the one pictures the other being a hamburger and he pictures the other man as being a hot dog. Mike is the hot dog and Frank is the hamburger. I hate those 2 so much I could talk about them all day. Why is Mikes nose crooked? probably b/c someone had enough of his jackassery and punched him square in his beak. I just don't like how they act like they need money yet they are making tons of it from the show. And what will Danielle look like in 20 years...some haggard old inked up sea witch. Man I hate that show. Come to Pennsylvania again you jerkoffs, I dare you. It is great how they try to "help people" get rid of stuff and then only buy a candle stick, and oil can and a sign. Retards. Yeah, big help. I'm hoping that one day they contract meningitis from the rat poop in someone's barn. And they make so much money but Frank cant even buy a new tshirt, he wears that sweaty old brown one all the time. Man, I wish I would see those 2 in a dark alley.
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