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Poster Handle Arne Saknussen
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Wow! I have read only a couple of pages and I can't believe that people must resort to such childish name calling. Do you think your point is made stronger by such usage? Let me just say it makes it weaker.
Personally, I like the show. My parents were into collecting, so I guess there is some kind of nostalgia about it for me.
It should be understood that there is really no set value to any of this stuff. True, some people will pay a fortune for what seems to be rusty junk. But they are the ones who set the price. And, unless you know those people, you aren't going to get those high prices. I just sold my entire collection of comics to a dealer, knowing full well that they have the intention of reselling them for much more. I may have made more on EBay, or whatever, but I didn't want to take the time and effort. And, I got rid of the whole lot. Win, win for both of us.
If something is hiding behind weeds and vines, it is junk no matter what it might be worth to someone else. I see nothing wrong with someone searching for this "junk", things that would be still be rotting into the ground, pulling it out and ask for a price. Where it has been sitting for years isn't going to make anyone any money.
And please do not forget, it's TV! You don't see the whole picture. Only what is edited and, in a lot of cases, performed.
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