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tupac made history. kind words are hard to speak but their echos are truly endless listen to his lyrics. his words.

Anonymous Coward
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01/22/2010 05:17 PM
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tupac made history. kind words are hard to speak but their echos are truly endless listen to his lyrics. his words.
We all have opinions. my view is different than all of yours. this world is surrounded by evil. thats why his lyrics say ""I am societies child, this is how they made me, and now im sayin what's on my mind and they dont want that. This is what you made me America." The truth is what we beleive we become. everything around us is energy. negative and positive. the music we are influenced by (esp. young jeezy, lil wayne,) they talk about money cars sex clothes. all material things. but religiously jesus said, "For what shall it profit man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul." Alotta people say he sold his soul for a peice of change...just like he raps about in his lyrics."Am I cold or is it just I sold my soul?
Addicted to these streets, never find true peace I'm told
Come take my body God, don't let me suffer any longer
Smoke a pound of marijuana, so I know it ain't long
Where is the end to all my misery, is there a close?
I suppose that's why I murder my foes,"by murdering his foes he means... The Deal was rap about negative things in ur music, corupt the young minds surroud them with evil (money, sex,drugs) so i can take their souls, so they dieas sinners. tupacs fame flew off in 89 he had his 7 years of success and disappeard. Illuminati is blinding us with material things so we loose ourselves. the love, caring, happiness, joy. why do u think marijuana is illegal, because you find yourself. it only makes you hungry happy and sleepy. its natural and its not harmful. the things that make us feel poisitive are almost gone. we need to bring it back. the drugs we are disctracted by and most importantly the money. we have so much hate in our hearts we forgot the true meaning to life. were blinded by money, fame, riches, power, & respect. its reverse physcology. all we have to do is use money, power, and respect against evil. play by their rules, save as many souls as u can & if they threten to kill us like they did tupac & everyone, then we die for poisitivity. for god. for our sins. they can take our bodies but not our souls. we are history in the making. history repeats itself, wether u beleive it or understand it or not. we dont understand electricity but we use it everyday wether we beleive it or understand how it works or not. we need to open our eyes around us, & become one love like bob marley said. they also killed bob marley, micheal jackson (they dont really care about us). before he died he had a concert to perform @ he was going to perform the song "They Dont Really Care About Us." isnt it weird how he just dissappeared? When we become one love, one peace, we see god on the other side.