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Subject My Cell Phone is Possessed....Help...lol.
Poster Handle grrttsgar
Post Content
This started a week ago coming out of California.

My phone disabled my blue tooth then asked me if I wanted to replace my blue tooth with another blue tooth.

At that time I thought I might be near a truck or car that had the same frequency of blue tooth.

It has not stopped I even deleted all blue tooth devices on my cell then reactivated my blue tooth.

No more then 5 miniut later the goast blue tooth was back on my cell wanting to replace my blue tooth with the new one that I have no idea where the signal is coming from.

at this point I can not keep the secondary blue tooth off my cell but my head set works so i am OK with it..

I am at home now the headset is in the truck 2 miles away.

Here is where it is getting weird.

My cell battery is running low so I turned it off it turned its self back on the battery is low so it turned its self off then on then off then on....WTF????
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