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Message Subject My Cell Phone is Possessed....Help...lol.
Poster Handle HalieJade
Post Content
My mothers cellphone is acting REALLY weird...it started about a month ago, it was about 3:30am and the home phone rang I got up and looked at the caller I.D and the call was coming from my mom's cellphone, I got up and went into my mom's room she was sleeping so I woke her up and I asked her where her cellphone was, she looked at me confused and said "its on my night stand beside my bed why?" I said that the call that the home phone just received was from her cellphone. So we both got up and I was holding the cell phone in the palm of my hand watching it and it suddenly started calling the home phone number by itself while just laying in my hand... I was really freaked out by this so I turned her cell phone off and took it to the kitchen to charge it...but then the phone rang again and it was my mom's cell phone again so I answered it and i heard this raspy breathing, I was so freaked out i hung up. I cautiously went into the kitchen and my mom's cell phone was sitting innocently there on the fridge charging..except it had turned itself back on and was making weird beeping noises..

So for the past month the cell phone has been turning itself on and calling our house phone constantly.. and none of us know what's going on with it..wtf
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