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Prejudiced or Contemptious Against Amerind Native People?

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01/27/2010 11:51 AM
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Prejudiced or Contemptious Against Amerind Native People?
Many people have inherited unfounded prejudices against and contempt for our native brethren in America. Much of this likely came from the myriad of 'cowboys and indians' movies of the 'black and white' movie era. Yes, I know, they are quite susceptible to alcoholism ad addictions, but that likely stems from depression over the societal differences between European origin ways and their ancient native ways of life. No meaningful future can cause anyone to fall to drink.

I would sincerely suggest you listen to this 50 minute reading by Harvey Arden, a former writer for National Geographic Magazine, from his own books on the subject of native spiritualism and way of life. I am sure anyone who wishes to no longer hold 'prejudices, misunderstandings, and contempt for those who would be different' will find this a very inspirational 50 minutes. Also, he makes an appeal for the release of an innocent man who has been jailed for over 30 years under a vendetta by the FBI, Leonard Peltier.

[link to www.vimeo.com]

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