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Message Subject illuminati is behind the Cannabis Marijuana Weed Movement
Poster Handle ehecatl
Post Content
It seems to me that making various drugs illegal has actually increased their availability to younger people.

I am going to get stomped for this, but, how helpful is it to have 13-14 yr. old kids becoming potheads? How many kids have had their lives derailed by approaching these powerful drugs as playthings?

Castaneda, for example, warns not to underestimate the power of the "little smoke". Why is it that you can score this drug at virtually any high school parking lot in the country?
 Quoting: htp,nli 686272

As a successful author Carlos Castaneda was directly forced by the CIA to adopt that position.

Here is a quote from Castaneda in Encounters with the Nagual, by Armando Torres.

"In 1971, after publishing my second book, I received an uncomfortable visit. United States government agents came to one of my presentations and they informed me that I was becoming an idol of juvenile drug addicts, and that they would expel me from the country unless I modified my attitude.

"At first I didn't see any reason to concern myself with these threats. But later I investigated a little, and the situation made an impression on me. Many students were taking Don Juan's teachings as an academic permission to get high. My name was mentioned everywhere as an authority on drugs. But I didn't want to be the patron saint of anything!

"I took my dilemma to Don Juan, who laughed at the whole thing and told me that a principle of stalkers is not to confront anybody, and certainly not people more powerful than themselves. 'You have blundered in among the hooves of horses, and you have to get yourself out of there. I suggest you take care of your learning; the rest, what does it matter?' That advice made me decide to have a more cautious-attitude in my next publications.

"Personally, I neither approve nor disapprove of anything, since I am not one to judge in the matter and, also, my learning was a result of such techniques. However, in public I cannot encourage use of the plants, because my books are read by all kinds of people and everyone interprets them in their own way.
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