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Message Subject illuminati is behind the Cannabis Marijuana Weed Movement
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here they are talking about managing us sheep.
A dialog between United Nations drug czar (who sounds like he is on drugs)and some english speaking guys:

[link to www.cndblog.org]

Mr. Fedotov: I do not see what it means that States are uncomfortable. It seems that article 36b is clear about the fact that drug abusers who committed offences must be provided, as alternative or in addition to punishment, measures of treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration. We follow the convention and in our practical activities we follow this. The point is not the drug control system but national legislations. We must look into what must be done in national frameworks to see what can be done to protect the health and rights of people, so that people are not treated as criminals, but as patients, in full respect of their human rights. The trend is more positive now. People also need social services

Does that sound like they want us to have pot?
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