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Message Subject illuminati is behind the Cannabis Marijuana Weed Movement
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know I had been a smoker for almost 16 years, but I realized something in less then a month...
Get ready for a real trip with this and try to think hard if you have the IQ to do so.

Both the activists and prohibitionists are wrong. Its called reverse psychology. I had believed for years all the shit about how its illegal cause of multinationals and blah blah blah. No folks, it was made illegal to persecute minoritys and "undesireabled" and it remains so today for that fact. Obama said in 04 he was in favor of decriminalization, what has he done? Nothing. Yet thousands are arrested every day for it while the burgoise and aristocrats are not even looked at. Now heres what will blow your mind. All the pro pot movement now, its just molding the general public to finally accept it keep everyone blasted to not give a shit about whats going on or what may happen. I saw a documentary on BBC about how a brit woman was given an injection of pure THC vs THC will all other cannabis compounds, she described the pure THC as like "going to a funeral" and the latter as a "fun experience". As you can see it is a dual edged sword. And the last batch I had proved this, I had never been so paranoid in my life and thinking horrible thoughts. I dunno maybe it was laced, although I knew my weed guy since high school, or maybe they were fucking blasting me with radiofrequencys to make me like that I dunno. But its fishy. I haven't smoked in 4 months now, do I miss it in a way yeah, but im still skeptical to go back to it.

I read I think in this forum once someone mention how all these name brand strains that are expensive are all genetically modded by government, not too far fetched. Take for example the G13 strain, supposedly comes from a lab during Clinton era and a technician managed to escape with a clone. Very weird smoke when I tried it.

Another interesting tidbit, did you all know that the cannabis plant amount of chromosomes with a certain math equation equals 1024..... hence there is even a strain called 1024. Now to the ignorant one would say yeah and so what? Well for the IT folk im sure it strikes a bell. 1024 is bit/byte system, like 1024MB=1GB. Coincidence?

And the plot gets thicker, apple guru Steve Jobs said once and I quote "if not for LSD Windows would not exist" which means him and Bill were high all day in that garage..... Coincidence?

And the final twist, anyone seen that video of the blonde woman on youtube that claimed she was a guinea pig for the CIA drug experiments and said pot was the only drug they wouldn't give her cause it impeded mind control?
Sure lets all smoke pot now to stop it. But guesss what? And think about this, why is she showing her face?

I rest my case.
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