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Message Subject illuminati is behind the Cannabis Marijuana Weed Movement
Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist
Post Content
The Weed PsyOps is to program people to be obsessed hardcore with cannabis in order to distract people from better drugs that have no side effects and dont dumb down people plus are much more effective

the Weed PsyOps program has had enormous success, as the controlled robot population is programmed to obsessively post thousands of marijuana threads. There are no threads about true human enhancement and true well-being. Theres no threads about increasing energy, sociability, euphoria and well-being with clear headedness, only lame low IQ stoner threads

 Quoting: PsyOps 877007

I think you could be onto so meting. Tell people they can;'t ave something and that's what exactly what they will want the most. And the shit they are smoking these days isn't anything like what we had in the day. Some good Thai or gold Colombian and you actually felt good and like doing things.

Now you have a choice of zombie weed and Mexican shitweed
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