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Message Subject Hitler and the The Vril Society,Thule Order, Illuminati,HYPERBOREA ,flying disks ,SHAMBALLAH and Hollow Earth-NWO
Poster Handle ozymandias
Post Content
I think tesla had a big influence on hitler , german scientist,s were undoudtedly looking for free energy systems, since the oil was being with held and used as a bargaining tool to sway internal political agendas. the vrill craft were the end product of such free energy systems , and could out maneuver anything else in the skies. Roosevelt knew this and enticed japan into taking an offensive 1st strike on the usa, which pulled us into the war. another 6 mo,s or so and Germany would have been unstoppable. 1 vrill craft could take out hundreds of fighter planes , in the end we prevailed . Roosevelt was one smart dude , to say the least.
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