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Message Subject The OwlMan vs The Illuminati! - 322 - (Rosicrucians/FreeMasons/Skull And Bones)
Poster Handle moses737
Post Content
Sorry OwlMan but the Banksters fund and support the secret societies and they are the new world order antichrist beast system. And it is they (The International Banksters) who are now ruling the whole world and breaking down the economies of all the nations of the world so that we will be forced to have their One World Antichrist Global Government!! And their daddy lucifer will head it through his evil and wicked children.

And they will force everybody to take their zombie making Mark of the Beast Chip that is spoken of in Revelation the 13th and 14th chapter. And if you take their beast chip; it will turn your mind into a brainless zombie slave. And you will be worshipping their antichrist and lucifer. And this will mean that you will be rejected by the Almighty God according to Revelation 14:9. Why? Because taking the Mark of the Beast will mean that you are deliberately serving and accepting Satan as your lord.

Serve Jesus instead and go to heaven instead of being in the great lake of fire and brimstone where you will be weeping and wailing forever and ever and ever.
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